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    Diana Murillo

    Hola, my name is Diana and I’m from Panama.

    I am a native Spanish speaker and my biggest passion is to teach. I really enjoy teaching and watching the excitement of my students when they learn. Seeing my student learning to speak my language is amazing and and very rewarding for me.

    I am also a qualified tutor of English as a second language for Spanish speakers in Panama, and also have a background as a business administrator.

    I teach Spanish for all levels: introductory, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Like you probably already know, I use the Cortez Method™ that guarantees you will be able to speak Spanish in 24 hours of instruction.

    I really hope you consider me as your option as an instructor and join me in this adventure of learning Spanish. I promise you will enjoy it.

    I am available for a FREE trial, and you can schedule one right now by clicking here.

    If you are ready to register for classes with me, do so below:

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    24-hr Package x $12/hr + 3% adm/process $296.64 USD
    12-hr Package x $16/hr + 3% adm/process $197.76 USD
    6-hr Package x $20/hr + 3% adm/process $123.60 USD
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    After you register for classes with me, I will provide you with an 80% discount coupon so you can purchase your Cortez Method™ ebooks.

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