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    Ricardo Vela

    Hola and congratulations on your interest in learning one of the most widely spoken languages in the World!

    My name is Ricardo Vela, I am a native Spanish speaker from Perú and I specialize in teaching Spanish as a second language to English-speaking students, of any age and level, from anywhere in the world.

    Be assured that with my conversational approach, you will start speaking Spanish from class one and will quickly become conversational to be able join our community of 460 million Spanish speakers worldwide. As I follow Cortez Method™ to a T, my students who start from scartch DO become conversational in past, presetn and future within the first 24 hours of instruction with me. The pace will be set by you, if you are a fast learner, it could be sooner! Trust me, I can teach you to speak Spanish fast!

    I currently live in my native Lima, Peru, have been happily married during the best years of my life, and am the proudest father of my daughter Maria Fernanda.

    I am passionate about teaching. In addition to teaching Spanish as a second language, I also have been a Math, Logistic, Supply Chain and Operation Planning college tutor since 2015. My original professional background is in Mechanical Engineering.

    Please accept my invitation to take a FREE trial class with me by clicking here. You will not be dissapointed.



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      Lima, Province of Lima, Lima, Peru

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