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    Yuneiky Morales

My name is Yuneiky Morales, I am Cuban, and a lawyer, even at the University of Havana I began to teach Law and I loved it. This is how I found a good part of my vocation because I never stopped teaching.
    Now I live in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States, where I had to reinvent myself as a professional and was able to achieve my Teacher Certification at all levels of teaching.
    This experience has enriched me and allowed me to meet and teach a wide variety of students with different lifestyles, different goals, and different needs.
    In the last 4 years I have dedicated myself to teaching online and in person. I have had the opportunity to teach on different platforms, from children to adults.
    My classes are very nice, funny, with a lot of variety in videos, presentations and images. I like starting from the visual, that the student when looking at an image has to think, what to say? How to say? What times to use? What Word? What prepositions? And in this sense go gradually improving the possible failures.
    I know it is difficult to learn a new language, so the advice I can give you is that you are very patient and that you go step by step, little by little.
    I can definitely relate to and will make this experience as easy as possible for the students.
    I will help you improve and practice your Spanish through interactive classes.
    I will also prepare special lessons that will be tailored to your needs and with topics of your preference.
    My lessons can be structured or free-flowing depending on the student and the topic.

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