Cortez Method™ Class Material To Learn Spanish

The Cortez Method™ consists of three levels:
1) Cortez Method 1: Building A Foundation (Introductory level),
2) Cortez Method 2: Mastering Tenses & Commands (Beginner level), and
3) Cortez Method 3: Mastering El Subjuntivo (Intermediate level).
Each level consists of four e-books (12 in total). Ask your instructor what e-book you need to get for class. You may purchase your e-book by clicking on the cover.

Building A Foundation

Students develop their conversational skills to speak Spanish in past, present and future with these 4 Intro level books.

Tenses & Commands

The 4 Beginner level books will help students master the all Indicative tenses plus commands.

El Subjuntivo

Master the subjunctive with a simplified approach that allows a case by case review.