March 13, 2015

$199 for Complete Training to Teach Spanish ($794 Value)

Training To Become A Cortez Method™ Spanish Instructor

  • How To Teach Your Student To Speak In Past, Present & Future With 24 Hours Of Classes PLUS Questions That All Spanish Instructors Should Be Able To Answer - $199
  • How To Teach The Present Tense $99
  • How To Teach The Preterite Tense - $99
  • How To Teach The Imperfect Tense - $99
  • How To Teach The Future & Conditional Tenses - $99
  • How To Teach The Subjunctive Tenses - $199

Total for complete training: $794

Become A Spanish Instructor

With the Cortez Method™, Spanish instructors provide their students with conversational structure, conversational skills and the confidence the need to speak. Pick the Training of your preference on the right hand by clicking on it. If you are ready to take them all, click above for a $200 discount. Our training will provide you with all the information you need to successfully teach Spanish. This is the method that has made the Spanish Language Center the largest Spanish school in the midwest.



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