learn to speak spanish in 24 hours or less... guaranteed!


Invest wisely in Spanish classes with our experienced professionals. All our instructors have been trained with the Cortez Method™. Certified Instructors have taught more than 1000 hours of classes.


Certified Instructor since 2006 from Cuzco, Peru.
I am from the land of Macchu Picchu and started teaching Spanish in Chicago back in 2006. Teaching Spanish is my passion. I have taught over a 1000 students and more than 10,000 lessons.

Gladys Benavides

Certified Instructor since 2008 from Quito, Ecuador.
Nothing makes my day more than the expression on my studens’ faces when they realize how fast it took for them to learn to Speak Spanish as they are speaking to me in Spanish ;-)


Certified Instructor since 2008 from Lima, Peru.
I am an attorney by profession, but found my true calling when I started teaching Spanish back in 2008. My 3 biggest loves are: My wife, my daughter and teaching Spanish!

Angélica Cervantes

Affiliated Instructor since 2020 from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I love people, teaching and the beach… Take a trial class with me and I will show you that learning to speak Spanish is a piece of cake.

Cesar Zarza

Affliated Instructor since 2020 from Cuernavaca, Mexico
I am from and live in Mexico. I have been teaching English as a second language for years and also Spanish to foreigners. I decided to improve my teaching technique for teaching Spanish by following the proven Cortez Method™ guidelines and my students love it!


Affiliated Instructor since 2020 from Lima, Peru
I have been an instructor/tutor since 2015, and have become passionate about teaching Spanish as a 2nd language with the Cortez Method™ because the results are incredible. See for yourself with a FREE trial class!

Oscar Reyes

Affiliated Instructor since 2020 from Lima, Peru
It’s very important for me to always maintain you motivated in learning Spanish by constantly proving to you that you are learning an improving regardless of your level – may it be starting from scratch or having past experience with the language.


This is what our students have to say about the Cortez Method™ and/or our instructors.
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