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Lourdes Lopez

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    Lourdes Lopez

    Hola, me llamo Lourdes and I am from Mexico City.

    I have been an English teacher for many years in my country and now I am ready to become your Spanish teacher online.

    The method I will use to make you a Spanish speaker is logical and simple. It is structured in such a way that you will be speaking Spanish in no time.

    Thanks to my teaching background, be assured that you will become conversational in Spanish very quickly and have fun doing it.

    Learning to speak Spanish is not rocket science and I will make sure you are ready to hablar español!

    I am available for a FREE trial, and you can schedule one right now by clicking here.

    If you are ready to register for classes with me, do so below:

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    After you register for classes with me, I will provide you with an 80% discount coupon so you can purchase your Cortez Method™ ebooks.



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